The secret to a standout you!

Bobbi Brown make up manual

Bobbi Brown makeup manual

BOBBI BROWN is a professional makeup brand that teaches women how to wear makeup in many different ways for many different occasions. This brand stands out with its remarkable concept, the natural look. Enhance your look, but do not change it. As Bobbi Brown believes, “women want to look and feel like themselves only prettier and more confident.”

There is nothing more satisfying than making women feel better about themselves, I find it really tempting when you go to buy an eyeliner for example and the make up artist offers you a lesson to teach you how to apply the products you bought!

What’s more interesting is “Bobbi Brown make up manual” that’s available in the stores. It’s a book that shares Bobbi Browns’ personal experience with make up and her best tips and techniques concerning skin color, eyes shapes and the most important is her tips about a diet plan for a perfect skin that every woman should follow because she thinks that a perfect skin starts with a healthy lifestyle.

what I love most about Bobbi Brown is that it is not only a makeup brand but it is also a teaching brand. I love all her lessons that introduce to women the simplest makeup techniques and especially the secret to perfect skin lesson that includes a skincare routine for a healthier skin. I would like to share my knowledge about the brand, the products and Bobbi the person with my readers.

By this, Bobbi Brown has become an inspiration to me. My intention is to keep on learning about her and about what she has to teach us about makeup.


In the name of life…

please, light a candle for my 5 years old cousin, she went through an accident and her life is in danger…pray with me so that she wakes up

Be the perfect santa!

Gifts received with the purchase of perfume

Gifts received with the purchase of perfume

Christmas is one of the best seasons of the year, people are reunited, lights are all over the streets, places are crowded and everyone is busy trying to buy the perfect gifts, a thing that largely grabs attention is shopping with the heaviest range of discounts and offer. Christmas celebration is an amazing manner that has something special to offer for every member in the family and if you might have any confusion in buying perfumes that’s what you should purchase.

Perfumes are suitable for everyone, it’s the easiest gift to buy since you know the character and taste of the person you’re giving him/her the gift because, nowadays, perfume is most demanded and favorite thing for most of the people. I mean who doesn’t wear perfumes?

perfume selling in december

this shows the rate perfume selling in a cosmetics and fragrances shop in December

Everyone loves to gift someone on Christmas especially the loved ones, I think that perfumes are very expressive and since it is Christmas, perfume stores make special boxes and packages, for example you buy the fragrance with the body lotion, after shave or shower gel same price as you’re buying the bottle. For example:

  • Paco Rabanne’s package: the one million fragrance for men and a deodorant included
  • Prada’s package: the Prada candy for women, a body lotion and a pouch are offered
  • D&G: the D&G for men with the after shave

And many other brands offer almost the same sets in different ways. Also, Some perfume stores in Lebanon make discounts on top of the set so this is a good package for a Christmas gift.

However, not only perfumes are demanded, also make up sets help increasing the number of selling at a cosmetics and fragrances shop, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Clinique and many other brands offer a variety of sets choice such mascaras, eye shadows, lipsticks and skincare. I think that it would be a great luxurious gift that every woman would like to have on Christmas.

Fragrances are delicate and expressing, I think that giving someone a perfume as a gift is like choosing them the perfect one that mostly describes his character means showing them how much you care about them as I previously said in my older post: perfume, a story to be told…

As a conclusion, Christmas is celebrated to rejoice the birth of Jesus Christ that was born in Bethlehem, recognized as “son of God”, celebrating his reborn is considered as the savior of the world. This season is considered as the season where love, giving and forgiveness are spread all over the world. Gifting someone for Christmas is the equivalent of showing them how much you care no matter what the gift is.

This is an example for perfume sets that can be offered on Christmas, almost all brands have sets in order to satisfy all the costumers needs such as perfume, a body lotion that completes the perfume and make it last longer.

Plus 1 for Professionalism…


me wearing make up for ever on St. Barbara’s day

Saint Barbara is a feast day that Lebanon celebrates every December4. Saint Barbara is a saint that fought against the will of her “fanatic” father (heathen) and turned to become Christian. Lebanese Christians believe that Saint Barbara was disguised in many different costumes to elude the Romans who were persecuting her following her father’s orders; this day is similar to Halloween of North America. In order of the commemoration of Saint Barbara Lebanese people disguise and go for a trick or treat.

Some people wear freaky costumes and some other draw on their faces to become unrecognizable. This year, like every year, I attended an event at work where each employee chooses a theme and wears a costume, this event, as last year showed, motivates workers, creates a great ambiance and attracts more costumers to buy some of the makeup products we used on our faces. I, that day I was wearing make up for ever, This Parisian brand that contains a variety of great products. It is sometimes used for artistic make up; their HD foundation is suitable for TV appearance and pictures. Make up for ever is suitable for women who have scars, redness and spots to conceal, because it’s rich with a collection of bases and camouflage products. If I start talking about make up for ever I would never stop, I just wish I had a stall of my own I advice every woman to try this professional make up brand.

Perfume, a story to be told…



Once upon a time, only in religious rituals, Egyptians used to burn incense to satisfy the Gods, this is where it all started, through smoke…

In 1700 perfume was very expensive because it was actually made from essential oils that used to be put in hand made golden bottles and used to be offered only to the Goddess, it became most available in 1900. Sixty years later, Medias made perfume more popular to all people.

Oriental theme dominated in the 70’s where smoke and wood were used in most fragrances, in the 80’s an accord of spicy and floral were added such rose, jasmine and gardenia. Through the 90’s a scent of caramel, chocolate and vanilla became popular in a majority of perfume and since 2000 fruits have become fragrances basic ingredients.

Perfume takes four stages of creation:

  • Collection: good quality
  • Extraction: several methods
  • Blending: it might take more than 5 years
  • Ageing

”What I remember the most about the women who were part of my childhood was their perfume – perfume lasts much more than the moment.”  Christian Dior.

Every perfume has a story; every bottle we see on the shelves is part of a brands’ history. When I use any fragrance I become curious to know the purpose of its creation because I think that perfume and I have something in common or else I wouldn’t wear it. Perfume is part of every persons character and taste. when i want to buy a perfume i don’t just get it because I like it…it’s because I fall in love with it..